Melinda Howell, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor


I practice individual Dialectical Behavioral Therapy with clients to help them learn to manage emotions and distressing thoughts. I find these techniques can be very effective and bring relief quickly. I also use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist clients with developing positive beliefs about his or her self and the world by learning and practicing alternative ways to think and act. Often a client will experience an “a-ha” moment when considering a situation in a different way. I also use Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy or EMDR. This is very effective in reducing or eliminating distressing thoughts and memories including post-traumatic stress.

I spent 7 ½ years working at Sage View Inpatient Psychiatric Center where I gained a great deal of experience in assessment, diagnosis, and therapy with people who were hospitalized for mental health related reasons.

I am applying that experience to therapy with clients in a private practice setting.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College, Portland Oregon and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, California.

As a Licensee of the Oregon Board of Licensed Counselors and Therapists, I abide by its Code of Ethics. To maintain my license I am required to participate in annual continuing education, taking classes dealing with subjects relevant to this profession and my practice.

I am available for therapy and case management for people with a chronic mental illness who may not be eligible for county services.

I  direct bill insurance or I can provide you with a statement that can be submitted to your insurance carrier. I am currently on the panel with PacificSource . If you have other insurance coverage, you should contact them before our first appointment to determine what  deductible and co-pay may apply.

My fee is $120 for a 50 minute session. This fee may vary for a longer session and/or for a couples’ or family session.  I do consider financial need. I welcome you to call me to discuss this.

Our first session consists of a 90 minute assessment during which time we can discuss your concerns and needs. I charge for a regular 60 minute session so we can determine if we are a good fit. If we decide we are not, we can end the session at 30 minutes and you will not be charged.