I often teach my clients containment skills early in therapy. It is a very useful coping skill when trying to manage difficult emotions, memories or thoughts.

Imagine a container. It can be any kind of container that can be opened, closed, and sealed. Often people imagine a box of some kind.

Be sure you have a good idea of what your container looks like and is madeĀ of and that you can describe it in detail.

Then imagine how you will seal your container. This should not be a permanent seal but rather a seal you can open and reclose. It may be a lock, duct tape, wire etc. This is so you can remove what is in your containerĀ and discuss it with your therapist when you are in session.

Imagine where you will keep your container when you are not using it. Think about where you will put it away when you are not using it. This should be a place that is safe but is accessible when you want to open your container.

Next practice putting a distressing thought or emotion in to your container, sealing it, and putting it away. Then distract yourself with some activity.

This technique does take practice! If it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying until it does! If you have any questions or comments, please contact me!

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